Theron & Britt Nixon

Theron & Britt Nixon

  • How long have you known Mark?5+ years
  • Three words to describe Mark: Positive Engaging Fun
  • If Mark created a nickname for you, what is it and where did it come from?

    The Ron
    During one of our first small group meetings we were talking about how people frequently call me The Ron instead of Theron.

  • How has Mark impacted your life?

    Mark was instrumental in helping us move to East Cobb by connecting us with his mortgage lender. Mark also "recruited" us to be a part of his small group. Knowing Mark has not only helped our marriage but has also helped us be better parents and better people.

  • What do you think Mark’s legacy will be? What is his lasting imprint on the world?

    Mark will leave a lasting imprint on untold number of souls. Although it is hard to measure, we are sure that Mark has touched many lives, and we appreciate that he has dedicated his life to others through ministry.

  • Anything else you’d like to say to wish Mark Happy 50th Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Mark!