Katie Terry (Motter)

Katie Terry (Motter)


  • How long have you known Mark?Few years
  • Three words to describe Mark: Passionate, fun, caring
  • Funny memory with Mark:

    We realized we liked some of the same music. You played "I Melt with You" Modern English in your living room. It was pretty cool.

  • How has Mark impacted your life?

    Mark showed me that sharing God with teens is important. He was passionate about serving the kingdom. He made sharing Christ look fun and important.

  • What do you think Mark’s legacy will be? What is his lasting imprint on the world?

    Mark has shared Christ with so many. He has loved well.

  • Anything else you’d like to say to wish Mark Happy 50th Birthday!

    Happy birthday, Mark. I am not sure we ended our work together on the best note, but you sure we're great at sharing Christ. Thank you for sharing your talents and love with me for a short time. God bless, you. I hope life is going well for you. You really know how to make people feel special.