Jim Pawlecki

Jim Pawlecki


  • How long have you known Mark?20 years
  • Three words to describe Mark: Vibrant, passionate, funny
  • Funny memory with Mark:

    All he great times at weekly leadership, meals at big boy, fall weekends and more. Will never forget that blue ford probe he drove for years.

  • How has Mark impacted your life?

    Mark has brought life and Godly wisdom in addition to lightheartedness to my life. Memories of Mark bring nothing but smiles....except that time he went to court with me to battle a traffic ticket. Thanks for having my back Mark!

  • What do you think Mark’s legacy will be? What is his lasting imprint on the world?

    I know his legacy will be sharing the love of Jesus with his family, friends and people beyond

  • Anything else you’d like to say to wish Mark Happy 50th Birthday!

    Hope and pray this is your best birthday yet brother.