Bob Caie

Bob Caie

  • How long have you known Mark?about 20 years
  • Three words to describe Mark: goof ball, bright, Reagan-esk
  • Funny memory with Mark:

    Athletic Mark decided to take our two pit bulls for a jog on the horse trails of Greenwich. He put on leashes, otherwise they would be long gone, never to return. He went out the back gate and returned and realized that he had "shocked" our loving dogs because he forgot that we had an "electric dog fence". The dogs were never the same. One developed a drooling problem and the other constantly flinched preparing to be shocked again at any minute. Thanks Mark. Has the ASPCA contacted you yet?

    Second story involved Bonnie and I inviting Mark for dinner to meet our daughter, Jessie. Every thing started off well until Mark pulled out his "Young Life skit false teeth" while talking with Jess. He even put them by her dinner plate. I think that was a "deal breaker."

  • How has Mark impacted your life?


  • What do you think Mark’s legacy will be? What is his lasting imprint on the world?

    His legacy has to be right up there with Michael Vick, who was convicted of animal cruelty. Vick was able to catch on with another professional football team, so no problem. He still might be hired by another church as well.

    Obviously Mark will not be the poster boy for I wonder why?

  • Anything else you’d like to say to wish Mark Happy 50th Birthday!

    Mark you are getting old! Pretty soon you will be able to collect Social Security. All kidding aside, I love you heart for people, your wit, your energy and your willingness to advance the Kingdom of God through your work with Young Life and now working within the church discipling parishioners through small groups. You have a special gifts that are impacting multitudes. Never lose your passion for sharing and showing the Good News.

    Referring to the photo below is the 50th Celebration of Greenwich Young Life. All former YL Area Directors are in the picture except for Mark. He is all the way to the left, but was cut off when downloading it to this website. Sorry Mark.