Andy Malcolm

Andy Malcolm

  • How long have you known Mark?20+ years
  • Three words to describe Mark: Dangerous - Lawless - Outgoing
  • Funny memory with Mark:

    Growing Young life at a crazy speed with no regard for a budget. We had meetings, Mark, Mack and myself and I will never forget how worried I was about the budget and the kids safety with all the wild games they planned. What was so amazing was the fact Mark was an attorney but never cared about the liability!
    Mark, you just live life to the limits

  • How has Mark impacted your life?

    Gray hair, lots of smiles, he brought me closer to Christ.

  • What do you think Mark’s legacy will be? What is his lasting imprint on the world?

    Great friend to many

  • Anything else you’d like to say to wish Mark Happy 50th Birthday!

    Keep it going Pal!